Retail and Supply chain Management solution with full fledged CRM and Salesforce Integration

Client Profile

An innovative start up with the unique concept of retail logistics working with self collection centres across a major South-East Asian country approached us for a well integrated CRM which can work in tandem with their Salesforce warehouse management software.

Business Challenges

The main objective was to have an intuitive public portal where a customer can self sign up and start using the retail logistics service on a subscription model. This public portal should sync with the existing Salesforce warehouse management module for the continuous flow of orders.

Solution Offered

  • A public portal for the customer to sign up and start using the self collection based parcel service on subscription model. A well tailored rewards module has also been developed which offers the users several discounts and cashbacks
  • An admin CRM which manages all the orders, tracking, invoicing and rewards modules and also and effective content management module.
  • The main challenge was to seamlessly integrate the upstream and downstream flow of data between the admin module and the integrated Salesforce module and hence manage all outbound communication from the integrated mail client with zero downtime on either sides.

How Technology Redefined Business?

  • We were able to deliver a fully functional package of front end and backend solution which made their daily operations very effective and effortless due to the programmatic integration with their Salesforce warehouse management, hence reducing the turnaround time by multitudes.